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Personal Goods by Domestic Air Freight

Our domestic air freight service for personal goods enables you to ship anything from a single gift item to an entire household of unaccompanied personal belongings in the process of relocating. Through years of unparalleled service, Wikiwiki Express Delivery has developed a unique reputation for providing quality moving solutions for your personal goods in an efficient, reliable and cost-effective manner. Follow the tips given below to ensure a safe and hassle-free transportation for your goods to their desired location.

Why Choose Domestic Air Freight For Shipping Personal Goods?

We recommend shipping your goods domestically via air because:

We offer domestic shipping and international freight forwarding services.

  1. It is a fast, quality and efficient manner for transporting goods
  2. The goods are generally in superior condition upon arrival
  3. It enables greater inventory control for just-in-time manufacturing and stocking
  4. Air freight translates into much lower shipping costs for certain commodities

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How Much Does It Cost?

The overall charges of domestic air freight delivery depend on the following variables:

Locations Involved

– Costs vary depending on the place of origin and destination of the cargo to be shipped

Delivery Time

– The urgency of your order or delivery deadlines.

Size Of Individual Packages

– (boxes, pallets or crates)

Type Of Materials

– Extra charges apply to fragile, perishable or hazardous materials that require special handling.

Specific Choice Of Airline

Different rates are applicable as per your choice.

The Gross Weight

For the gross weight you are charged the higher value of the actual weight (from scale) Vs the volume weight of your package. Use the following formula to calculate the volume weight: LENGTH X WIDTH X HEIGHT (IN INCHES) DIVIDED BY 366 (IN KG) *CLIENTS ARE ALWAYS BILLED ON THE FINAL CHARGEABLE WEIGHT*
Honolulu air freight forwarding and shipping team.
Honolulu moving services are provided by Wikiwiki Express. We take care of packing, moving and shipping your belongings on Oahu, to other Hawaiian Islands and to the mainland.

Other Details

Subject to availability, your goods can be loaded into airline containers.
Most airlines can carry a piece of up to 1587 Kg (3500 lbs) with the dimension for each side not exceeding 62″ (Height) x 88″ (Weight) x 102″ (Length)
Although your choice of service will depend on the requirements, budget and deadline of your delivery, we particularly recommend domestic air freight for time sensitive goods. This service is however quite expensive as opposed to its alternatives. We also offer freight forwading services hawaii to other states.

To ensure that all your needs are met, kindly fill out the request a quote form so we may give you a proper estimate or simply click to get price quote. It is essential that you provide accurate information in order to enable us to meet your requirement.

Shipping Instructions (If Applicable):

When you are packing your goods or preparing a list of contents, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

Make sure to properly pack and mark your name, number and destination address on each box/carton before handing your cargo over to us.
For identification purposes, each box/carton must be labeled with the BOOKING NUMBER issued at the time of the booking.
You must send us a packing list stating the contents of each carton, and if you are buying insurance, a breakdown of the value of each of the carton’s contents must also be submitted. However, we do not require extensive details; you can mention entire goods categories such as Books or Tools, but make sure to mention their values separately despite consolidated packing.
We allow the shipping of suitcases but it is preferred that you put them in boxes or cartons. (Note: make sure to remove all fragile goods from your suitcase).

Receipt Procedure At Destination:-

Upon the arrival of your shipment at the destination, our agent or steamship line agent will inform you and guide you to their office where you may proceed to claim your shipment. Some terminal charges and agent-handling fee might be payable.

Custom clearance and transportation from your door to the port is your responsibility. Furthermore, any duties or taxes payable at the destination in the clearance process shall be paid as per the applicable tariff of the importing country.

Destination Services

If you did not receive a quote for destination services, our sales representatives will be more than happy to explain the details of a complete package of destination service

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