Wikiwiki Express Delivery

Wikiwiki Express Delivery is proud to celebrate our 10th year in business in the Hawaiian islands. Locally owned and operated our company has grown consistently for 10 years. Offering same day delivery, shipping to U.S. mainland and U.S. mainland to Hawaii. Courier services on Oahu daily providing businesses with timely and consistent delivery service. We are proud of maintaining great service to all our clients existing and future ones. We have expanded on all islands including Maui, Big Island and Kauai and can expedite anything you need from Oahu to the Neighboring Islands. Also offering Same day delivery from Oahu to the outer islands. We have the resources to pick up any sized load you have big or small and deliver it on time. What ever your need is weather it’s retail, parts, furniture, documents, groceries, materials, medicine we can deliver it to you! We make connections happen for you! We thank you for making us number #1 for 2019 for Best Courier Service on Oahu, Hawaii and we will continue giving you the best service and customer satisfaction in 2020. Thank you very much!

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Wikiwikiexpress is an On-Demand Delivery Network. Available 24/7. Having your items delivered has never been easier.


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