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When you think of moving to a new city, you probably imagine a stressful, drawn-out process filled with packing boxes, endless driving, and endless planning. However, with Wikiwiki Express Delivery, moving to Hawaii doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds. In fact, with the right moving and packing services, it can be a breeze.

With so much to explore, this beautiful state has the ideal climate for many types of residents. But, with an average of 300 days of sunshine each year, it’s no wonder that so many people are choosing to make Hawaii their new home. No matter where you choose to settle in the Aloha State, you’ll want to get everything done on your “to-do” list as soon as possible. But, what do you need to know about moving to Hawaii?

What does moving to Hawaii involve?

First and foremost, you’ll want to decide where you’d like to move to in Hawaii. Once you’ve got that figured out, you can begin to narrow down your moving options.

Inventory: This is probably the single most important step in the moving process. Not only will this allow you to keep track of all of your belongings, but it will also make it much easier to transport them from one place to the next. In fact, many professional Oahu movers will not even begin to pack your belongings until you’ve completed this step.

Packing: Once you’ve completed your inventory, you’ll want to begin the process of “packing.” Packing isn’t just about putting your belongings into boxes, either. You’ll also want to carefully consider the climate in your new home, as well as the room sizes and any other factors that may affect your move.

Transporting: Once you’ve completed your packing, it’s time to transport your belongings to your new location. This is where you’ll likely hire several different moving companies to complete the job. Make sure to set clear expectations with each company you hire, as well as follow the instructions carefully.

When should you hire professionals?

As with most things in life, there are certain scenarios where hiring professionals is the best choice. The following are a few of those occasions:

Moving to a new city or state for the first time: If you’re moving to a new city for work or school, you’ll likely want to hire professionals to ensure the move goes smoothly. Why? Because it’s extremely likely that you don’t know anyone in your new location, or the location isn’t among your top choices.

Moving across the country or internationally: If you’re moving to a new city that’s significantly farther away than you’re used to, you’ll want to hire professional movers. Why? Because it’s unlikely you have enough packing boxes to complete the move yourself.

Homeowners hire moving and packing services in Hawaii.

What services should you look for when hiring movers?

While many moving services in Hawaii specialize in a single area of expertise, others offer a wide range of services. So, when hiring movers, make sure to keep these factors in mind.

Type of Move: Some movers in Hawaii specialize in helping you move cross-country or international shipping, while others specialize in helping you move across the state. While you may not have a choice when it comes to the former, you’re likely to have many options when it comes to the latter.

Storage: Depending on where you’re moving to in Hawaii, you may want to consider putting some of your belongings into self-storage while you’re away, too. However, make sure to carefully consider the cost of storing your items, as well as the impact on your moving budget.

How to find reliable movers

While hiring movers in Hawaii can be a daunting process, it doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, many of the large-scale moving companies in the state are owned by national chains, making it easy for you to shop around and find the best deal.

Here are a few tips for finding reliable movers.

Check reviews: Before hiring any movers, check online customer reviews. This will allow you to see what other clients have to say about the moving company, as well as see if any of them have specific complaints. If you come across any complaints, write them down and take them to the interview.

Compare prices: When comparing movers, make sure to consider their price, as well as the type of service they provide. For example, are you willing to sacrifice quality for a cheaper price? It may be worth it to cut costs and sacrifice quality, or vice versa.

Compare services: Once you’ve narrowed down your search to three or four companies, consider having each one help you unpack and load your belongings. This will allow you to truly compare the relative merits of each company, as well as see if you have any miscommunications or misunderstandings.

Get references: Finally, get at least two professional references from the movers you choose and ask them to provide them in writing. This will allow you to speak to a neutral party, and you can also verify their authenticity.

Final words: Is it time to hire professionals?

The decision to hire professional movers in Hawaii is a big one. However, if you’re spending a significant amount of money moving, or you’re moving across the state or country for the first time, you should definitely consider hiring professionals.

While moving can be a stressful process, using professional movers will make the process go much more smoothly. Plus, many companies offer great savings when you book your move through a promotional code or deal. So, don’t delay – call up Wikiwiki Express, a professional moving company in Hawaii today. For more information about moving to Hawaii, or to find out if you’re ready to make the move, visit our moving to Hawaii page.

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